Posted by Pastor John

Humility is one of the strongest evidences of the indwelling of the Spirit of God.  We know nothing of humility by nature, for we are all born proud.  To convince us of sin, to show us our own vileness and corruption, to put us in the right place, to make us humble and self-abased.   J.C. Ryle

God values our character more highly than our comfort.

Better to do for others than to be overwhelmed by preoccupation with self.  Doing for others heals the body and the soul.

Let us prove our gratitude to Christ by our devotion, and live as those who, having claimed a privilege, are willing to take the responsibility connected with it.  C. Spurgeon

You shall keep my Sabbaths and reverence my sanctuary: I am the Lord. Lev. 19:30

…your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit…1 Cor. 6:9

When you get a blessing from God, pass it on, if you clutch it to yourself you become bitter and sour. Oswald Chambers

Obsessive Introspection – The continual grubbing on the inside to see whether we are what we ought to be generates a self-centered, morbid type of Christianity.   Do not be led to psychoanalyze all your sickness and trials as if some sin were the cause of all your troubles.  If you have repented, those sins are forgiven, stop digging up old troubles like a dog with a bone.

An unholy church, it is useless to the world, and of no esteem among men.  It is an abomination, hells laughter, and heavens abhorrence, remember there cannot be faith in the heart unless there be holiness in the life.  C. Spurgeon

The purpose of God is not to answer our prayers, but by our prayers we come to discern the mind of God.  See John 17:21.

Flattery is a type of bribe that uses words as currency.

The minute the church and pastors start saying, “What do people want?” And then giving it to them we betray our calling.  We’re called to have people follow Jesus.  We’re called to have people learn how to forgive their enemies.   Eugene Peterson