Posted by Pastor John

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift    2 Cor. 9:15

It is so easy to take things for granted. We live in a wonderful free country. Most are well fed, have shelter and money for the things they need.  We might not be as well off as some but compared to most of the world we are blessed.

We are not only blessed materially, we are blessed with friends, family and a future.  Yet in spite of this we are sometimes slow to acknowledge our blessings because we have grown so accustomed to them that we take them for granted.

Occasionally we need to be reminded of just what we have been taking for granted and what we have to be thankful for.  At special times like Thanksgiving we need to focus our attention on things that really count. The American holiday of Thanksgiving is a special time of year.

It is a time when we look back on the blessings God has given us and a time when we look forward to the blessings we will enjoy in eternity and additionally we can focus in on the present and celebrate the greatest gift of all God’s Son our Lord Jesus Christ.

What is the basis for true thanksgiving, for someone to be thankful he or she must be grateful for something and to someone.  The early pilgrims had many difficult days in settling this new land.  Governor Bradford ofMassachusettsis believed to have made this first Thanksgiving proclamation three years after the pilgrims settled atPlymouth.

(The Proclamation)

In as much as the Great Father has given us this year an abundant harvest and has made the forest to abound with game and the sea with fish and clams and he has also protected us from the ravages of savages, has spared us from disease, has granted us freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscience.

Now I your magistrate do proclaim that all pilgrims with your wives and little ones gather at the meeting house on the hill between the hours of nine and twelve in the day time on Thursday November 29, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Six Hundred and Twenty-Three, and there listen to your Pastor render thanksgiving to Almighty God for all His blessings.

These early pilgrims recognized that the provisions they had experienced came from God, and they were thankful and they did not hide the fact that they were thankful to Almighty God.

We unfortunately so often take for granted the freedoms we have had for so long and are prone to forget there was a time when men to escape tyranny and death for their beliefs had to cross a vast and angry sea in frail ships and suffer great hardship and often death just so they and their children could gather on the Lords day to worship in peace and safety.

We too must be on our guard for there are those who would take away our precious freedoms with the siren song of promised security.  Ben Franklin said, “Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither”.  Let us this Thanksgiving be truly thankful for God’s many blessings and may it be our heartfelt prayer that our Sovereign God himself will intervene and protect the freedoms of his people to assemble in peace and safety and hear the whole council of God preached without fear of persecution and that the those rights might be preserved for future generations of God’s people in this land of America.

May God’s richest blessings be with you and may I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Pastor John